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Rent beer pumps
A solution for all your events! Estimate the amount you need and choose your beer pump. How many 20, 30 or 50 liter barrels do want? Blonde,
red or dark? To get acquainted with the characteristics of our beers please click here.
For orders or additional information please contac us.

CS  Bar2col  C10  Fiesta 35 / 100  Barbrou  Barmar 
  1 draw
Pump Flow up to 30L/h

Aesthetic and light-weighted, it is perfect for
a banquet or a fair.
  2 draw
Pump Flow up to 150L/h

Large events.
1.60 m Mobile bar, glass rinser tray.
  1 draw
Pump Flow up to 30L/h

Small and medium-sized events. Easy and quick
to install.
  2 draw
Pump Flow up to 30L/h
or 120L/h

Small, medium and large events.
  2 draw
Pump Flow up to 80L/h

On a wheelbarrow, very easily transportable, glass rinser tray.
  2/3 draw
Pump Flow up to 250L/h

Mobile bar with copper beer pumps , glass rinser tray, sink.
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